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Anti Aging Effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Anti Aging

Like millions of men and women, if you are a beauty and fitness freak, you must be familiar with Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Have you never heard of it before? That is okay because you are in the right place! HGH is famous for being a beauty-enhancing and youth-revitalizing agent. Before we understand the anti aging effects of HGH, let’s first understand what is Human Growth Hormone.

Let’s Plunge into Basic Endocrinology: What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone is a small protein. 191 amino acids together make up HGH (1). HGH is responsible for multiple effects on the human body.

To understand HGH, let’s plunge into basic endocrinology. The hypothalamus controls the release of HGH into the bloodstream. The arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus releases Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), which targets the somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland via the Hypothalamic Hypophyseal portal System (HHPS). The somatotrophs release HGH according to the need of the body (2).

As the name of this hormone suggests, it is mainly destined to create growth in the body. However, the effects of HGH do not confine to growth only. It also participates in metabolism. The role of HGH is of two types: direct and indirect.

Direct and Indirect Effect of HGH On the Body

The direct effects include lipolysis, which is the breakdown of triglycerides (TAG) into glycerol and fatty acids. TAGs have the affinity to bind with HGH. Their ability to take up circulating lipids diminishes. The indirect effect of HGH is the activation of Insulin-like Growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the liver. IGF-1 increases the proliferation, size, and differentiation of chondrocytes to increase interstitial growth.


It also enhances the uptake of amino acids to pace up protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. IGF-1 is also responsible for the hike in osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity, collagen type 1, and proteoglycans to increase endochondral ossification. In short, IGF-1 acts on cartilage, muscles, and bones to exclusively carry out growth in the human body (3).

Normal Level of Secretion Of HGH

Everyone knows exercise helps build the body, right? The pituitary gland actively releases HGH into the bloodstream after exercise, sleep, and trauma to the body. In these conditions, the body judges the need for HGH. The body needs cementing the torn and wounded parts of the body after a trauma. This is why your brain acts smartly and releases HGH!

Let us tell you that a good diet and healthy exercise are not enough for your growth if you miss a healthy deep sleep at night. Your brain actively contributes to growing you in those silent hours. Interesting, right? The average HGH level in children and adolescents is 6 ng/ml, whereas, in adults, the normal level of HGH is 1.6-3 ng/ml.

The values show the requirement of hGH in both children and adults. In adults, the need for hGH drops because growth is not a priority anymore. This leaves a hint to the dilemma of aging and anti aging associated with hGH. Continue reading to find out more about it!

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

The buzz of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy is not the talk of this year or this decade. This dates back to the previous century! In 1990, a report about the changes after HGH therapy in the body of older adults was published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Rudman. This hormone increased lean body mass, improved muscle tone, and reduced adiposity. Moreover, the GH-treated 12 older adults developed an increase in bone mineral density in some skeletal sites. This report created a massive hike in interest in HGH Therapy. The public recognized Human Growth Hormone as an anti aging agent. The evidence of these HGH-treated older adults gave birth to a wave of revitalizing skin and strengthening the musculoskeletal system (4).

Another Approval

Some curious doctors did extensive research and published a paper. The paper, Growth Hormone System: Skin Interactions, contains clinical observations and analyses about the effect of HGH on skin and aging. The authors of this paper studied the possibility and extent of HGH’s impact on healing wounds and bruises, aging and anti aging, and overall skin health. They concluded their research with: “Clinical observations and analysis… have shown the important role played by the GH system in the development, maintenance, and repair of the skin. The dermal structures directly reflect various changes in GH production, which occur in the different phases of life” (5).

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Interest Peaked!

After 1990, several kinds of research and clinical trials were conducted. The subjects included younger individuals as well as the elderly. When the public realized there is an effective way of reversing their aging signs and going back in time, suddenly, the dermatologists and other healthcare experts had clients going crazy for HGH treatment. The clients mainly included personalities from Hollywood and the showbiz industry. Without gauging the ratio of benefits to side effects and considering the safety and efficiency, the talk was all about when, where, and how to do this therapy.

Anti Aging

Today, HGH Therapy is one of the most well-known and widely trusted anti aging therapies around the world. From A-list actors to men and women conscious about their radiating youthful skin, people from different backgrounds aim for HGH Therapy. Few types of research claim the side effects of this anti aging treatment. However, the clients of HGH Therapy control the side effects with additional treatment plans to let their youthful skin outshine.

Global Human Growth Hormone Market Is Expected to Reach USD 10.83 billion by 2028: Fior Markets.

As the headline from a reputed source says, the HGH market eventually experienced a hike in tenders and shares globally (6). Previously, the use of HGH was confined to growth disorders and post-traumatic therapies and treatments only. After being recognized as an anti aging agent, the cosmetic and aesthetic business leaped to an unknown level of profit!

Mode of Administration of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) For Anti Aging Therapy

Researchers, authors, and the public recognized and valued the existence of anti aging therapy. It worked like a game-changer for them! However, the real nuisance began when there was an air of uncertainty about the mode of administration. When we talk about the way of administration of medicine, we come across many of them. Oral, injection, and transdermal are a few of them.

Administration by Injection Route

In HGH Therapy, the route of injections was considered the most effective way of raising blood HGH level. Until recently, prescription injections were available for use. The pharmaceutical market earned handsome profit from the cosmetic use of HGH injections. Soon, these injections became a subject of debate. Many health experts claimed that the injections of synthetic HGH might become problematic for the natural release of HGH. Apart from safety concerns, the cost of HGH injections was quite high. The cost would run as high as $1500! The expensive nature and safety concern of HGH injections eliminated the hype of HGH injections for anti aging therapy (7)

Anti ageing is not the only use, HGH therapy has medical significance in various biological areas. By now, it is quite clear how HGH protects the skin cells from ageing and reverses the phenomenon of ageing. At the same time, injections of HGH have constructive interference in the body. As the name of this hormone indicates growth, its exclusive involvement in improving growth of a person is quite clear.

HGH increases body height, muscle mass and also improves body strength. Growth is a common concern, especially in children. Children with low levels of HGH develop a condition called dwarfism. Such children experience impaired hair growth, delayed puberty, appear much younger for their age, and short stature. The affected child is arrested by anxiety for being a misfit. To combat this condition, injections of HGH are administered to improve growth of the body. This is also included under cosmetic concerns. Besides their incredible effects on anti aging, HGH injections reduce the risks of heart diseases, improve stress, and exercise tolerance (8).

Individuals who opt for anti ageing therapy or growth-improving treatment by administering HGH injections remain under constant observation. The treatment usually continues for weeks and even months depending upon the health status of the client. It is necessary to do so because very high levels of HGH results in health concerns that need immediate medical attention. To avoid any mishap regular monitoring of HGH therapy is essential for effectiveness and safety of HGH (8).

You Can Rewind Your Age.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally producing hormone in the human body. As the human body ages, the level of HGH decreases. This inversely proportional relationship creates aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging skin, pale skin, translucent and thin skin with spots and marks. Everyone wants young and fresh skin that appears flawless. To make your wish come true, you can utilize Growth Hormone Therapy! It will help tighten your skin and produce the best anti aging results. Want to know more about our products? Visit our shop now!


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