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Best Workout Supplements For Fast Results

The human body is a machine that requires constant maintenance to perform at optimum levels. And just like any other machine, the fuel it intakes also plays a crucial role in conditioning its functions. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of what you consume.

For most people, ingesting 3 to 2 meals per day is more than enough to provide them with the nutrients they need. However, for those of you aiming for fitness goals, the usual meals just might not cut it. Thus, you will have to resort to supplements that produce fast results and are guaranteed to work.

Over the years in service, we at “HGHThai” have been repeatedly asked about the best workout supplements for fast results. Therefore, working with our in-house medical specialists and fitness professionals, we came up with a list of supplements with proven results.

The list contains supplements that are used by both amateurs and pros alike. However, their usage depends on your personal fitness targets. So make sure you pick the right supplements to aid your fitness journey.


Whey Protein

Let us kick off this list of best workout supplements for fast results with everyone’s favorite supplement ~ Whey protein. A staple for bodybuilders, weight lifters, and athletes, Whey has become the go-to supplement for muscle gain.

It is a rich source of both protein and amino acids and is naturally formed as a by-product when producing milk-based food such as cheese. The by-product is further refined to extract the protein components that are then packaged as whey protein.

Apart from the high protein content, its natural origin is another reason for its widespread fame. If you are someone looking to gain muscle mass or lack proper protein consumption, including whey in your diet will do your physique wonders. Unluckily, this is not a supplement for those who are lactose intolerant.


Casein Protein

Similar to Whey, casein is another protein-rich derivative of milk. It is also much more abundant than Whey. Casein, however, has been long overshadowed because of its slower digestion rates. Thus, it keeps away most amateur fitness enthusiasts. But this slow digestion rate comes with several benefits.

One of the biggest perks of taking Casein is its gradual release of amino acids into the bloodstream, which can improve muscle recovery. Therefore, unlike other boosters, Casein stays active for several hours mending and toning your body. So most athletes prefer a few scoops of casein before bedtime.

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Human Growth Hormone aka HGH is the “jack of all trades” in this list of workout supplements for fast results. It’s the closest you can get to an actual magic pill, which isn’t a scam. This is because of the many benefits it grants its user.

HGH, as many of you would already know, is a naturally occurring hormone that declines with age. The hormone contributes to several aspects of the human body, such as metabolism, fat burn, muscle recovery, and growth(obviously!). Therefore, taking HGH as a supplement can bring about many favorable results, especially if you are past your early 20s.

HGH too has been a highly sought-after supplement in the body sculpting and athletic scene. And as it’s consumed in injected doses, it shows some of the fastest results compared to the other listed supplements.

If you do plan on taking HGH, however, we suggest you go for world-renowned products such as Pfizer Genotropin and Novo Nordisk Norditropin. Further, feel free to contact us regarding any HGH-related issues.



Creatine is a naturally produced molecule that provides energy to muscles and tissues. In other words, it boosts the cellular energy stores within the human body. Therefore, consuming it as a supplement can help spike the creatine content in your muscles, which can lead to higher energy levels during workouts. This will inevitably lead to better workouts that can bring about the results you want faster.

Many athletes intake creatine shortly before or after workouts. Some even take it during rest days, although we suggest you take it based on your workout routine. After all, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.



Branched Chain Amino Acids aka BCAA’s is a combination of three individual amino acids ~ leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Out of the three, leucine is held in high regard, as it makes the most contribution to muscle growth and recovery.

Unlike the other supplements on this list, you can get the required amount of BCAAs through your diet. Having the proper amount of protein-rich food such as red meat, chicken, eggs, and dairy ought to do the trick. However, we had to include it in our list because people involved in strenuous exercises will benefit from a BCAA supplement. Nevertheless, make sure to consult your trainer before investing in one.



Beta-Alanine is another amino acid that reduces muscle fatigue and promotes muscle growth. It, however, does not receive the recognition it deserves.

Largely used by experienced sporting individuals, beta-alanine aids the production of carnosine. Carnosine is a compound that regulates the build-up of certain acids in muscles. This can help dampen the strain on muscles and tissues during workouts. Eventually, the increase in carnosine content in your body will help push yourself harder with minimum rest times.

Sadly, however, you would need to intake beta-alanine at least three to four times a day to see the best results.

Best Workout Supplements For Fast Results 3

Honorable Mentions

Although we’ve covered the most essential workout supplements for fast results, there are a few more that are worthy of mentioning. The supplements that are listed below might not be crucial for your workouts. But using them along with the aforementioned boosters can prove to be very beneficial.

Fish Oil

Available in various forms, fish oil is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are quite popular among the public as they offer some amazing health benefits. Fish oil supplements are a substantial source of energy and also help keep certain organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys, in fine shape. Further, their perks are medically recognized, as many doctors recommend them to those suffering from cardiovascular issues.

But how would taking fish oil help you get better results from your workouts?

It’s a well-known fact that engaging in taxing workouts can stress your organs. Additionally, the consumption of protein-rich supplements can affect your kidneys in the long run. Therefore, including a healthy dose of fish oil will help you counteract these ill-effects to a certain extent.



There’s no argument that caffeine’s the ultimate supplement to get you revved up. Currently, it’s estimated that over 89% of the world’s population consumes at least one beverage or meal that includes caffeine daily. This is quite a staggering statistic.

However, this proves how effective the supplement is for improving energy levels and mental acuity. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many athletes prefer ingesting caffeine along with their other pre-workout supplements.

Further, some researchers believe that caffeine aids fat loss as well. All things considered, if it’s instant energy boosts you are looking for, caffeine is the way to go. However, keep in mind not to overdose on it, as the caffeine crash can be quite intense.


“NO” Boosters

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule that is naturally found throughout the human body. Out of the many processes it contributes to, the ability to dilate blood vessels is its greatest appeal in the body sculpting arena. Dilated blood vessels allow better blood flow into tissues and muscles. Thus, it will improve the oxygen supply to the muscles, which will elevate energy levels. More energy means more reps. And more reps would eventually lead to faster results.

Most NO boosters in the market do not provide Nitric Oxide directly, instead, they introduce the amino acid arginine which is converted to NO. Further, NO supplements also aid fat loss.


Picking The Right Supplement

Even though we’ve listed out several workout supplements for fast results, you needn’t consume them all. We suggest you browse through the list and pick the ones that would help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

For example, someone trying to cut fat and lose weight would benefit more from in taking HGH than they would from consuming Beta-Alanine. Similarly, a person looking to gain muscle mass would find that consuming whey and casein protein will cause the best outcome.

However, there’s also no hard and fast rule telling you to stick to only one of the listed products. Almost all fitness enthusiasts and athletes include several of these supplements in their diets to get the best results. Supplements such as HGH and fish oil pair well with almost all the other listed products. So, including them in your supplement schedule will allow you to see results much faster. Nevertheless, we advise you to consult a trained professional before making any significant changes to your nutrient intake.


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