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Bodybuilding supplements in Thailand

bodybuilder supplements in thailand

There’s no doubt that a well-planned workout routine, a balanced diet, and dedication will help you achieve your dream physique. However, the time it takes to reach your goal depends on you, or your body to be exact. The lucky few will start seeing progress a couple of weeks into their routine, while it might take others months to notice any results.

A sure-fire way of speeding up the process is using bodybuilding supplements along with your workout routine. Supplements are mostly used for strength and muscle gain. However, they also provide an edge over the competition if you’re an athlete or a professional bodybuilder. For decades, bodybuilding supplements used to have a bad social stigma attached to them. But they are now proven to have many health benefits and are also considered an essential part of most schedules.

From powders to pills, there are so many types of supplements in today’s market that it can be quite confusing, especially to those looking to enter the world of bodybuilding. So, we at “HGH Thai” came up with a list of supplements that would help boost your workout regime. This list however will primarily focus on Bodybuilding supplements in Thailand.

a bodybuilder with his whey protein

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is probably the most popular bodybuilding supplement in Thailand (also around the world). You hear about it from veterans as well as beginners, and truth be told, it deserves all the recognition it gets.

We all know that protein is the building block of muscle tissues. So, it’s quite obvious that a good intake of protein will stimulate muscle growth. This is exactly what whey protein does. Besides muscle gain, whey protein also aids in muscle recovery, which is an important part of bodybuilding.

Most often than not, whey is found as a powder, which is made by spray drying the liquid whey extracted from milk. Just mix it with water and you’re ready to go. You can also add a few dates or plums for it to taste better. But you wouldn’t have to worry much about taste, as most whey products available today are flavored.

It’s usual to consume whey post-workout, upon waking up, and alongside meals. However, we recommend you contact your trainer for more advice, because different workout routines require different amounts of protein consumption. Unlike other proteins, your body digests whey very fast, allowing it to work on your muscle fibers quicker and easier. All these benefits make way Whey the go-to protein source for both athletes and regular gym-goers.

While there are many manufacturers of whey proteins, the products by Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Gold Standard, and Dymatize seem to be the popular choice for Bodybuilding supplements in Thailand.

Creatine Supplements

Creatine is another popular supplement in the world of body sculpting and athletics. Unlike whey, which mainly focuses on muscle mass, creatine is consumed for energy and strength. Once digested it shuttles creatine and phosphocreatine to your muscles which helps maintain energy levels. Simply put, it gives a burst of “fast energy”.

This allows you to increase reps and also work through high-intensity training sessions with little exhaustion. More reps and short resting cycles lead to a more productive workout, which will ultimately lead to better and faster results in the long run.

 Apart from its energizing characteristics, creatine also acts as a hydrator for muscles. This causes your muscles to swell encouraging muscle growth. Sadly, despite all these benefits, creatine is produced naturally in small amounts. Even with alterations to diet, you can only increase creatine production by small gains, making it very ineffective.

So, this makes supplements your only source of reliable creatine intake. Optimum Nutrition, Allmax Nutrition, MuscleTech, and MusclePharm are a few manufacturers famous for their creatine bodybuilding supplements in Thailand.

HGH Doses

Next up is HGH, aka Human Growth Hormone. It’s a well-known fact that hormone production declines with age, especially HGH. And with this decline, your metabolism slows down while fat accumulation rises. Not the ideal scenario for anyone looking to get in good shape.

However, despite not being able to stop aging, we can still take HGH to keep all our functions sharp. It’s quite natural for bodybuilders, athletes, and even regular gym goers like you and me to incorporate a dose of HGH into workout regimes to accelerate progress. This is especially true if your sole purpose of bodybuilding is to cut down fat and have a leaner physique. A healthy dose of HGH will promote muscle growth, speed up muscle recovery, and also increase fat burning. Further, it will also increase height if your growth plates are not fused.

A quick way to figure out if you need an HGH intake would be to measure your workout progress while taking your age into account. If you’ve been putting the effort in (not cheating!) and see minimal progress, you just might need a dose of HGH to speed up gains. However, if you are not sure, you are always welcome to contact our certified experts for free.

There are many HGH products in today’s market catering to the needs of both young and old. However, as this read focuses on bodybuilding supplements, we would like to suggest “Pfizer Genotropin”. Pfizer Genotropin is the perfect HGH supply for muscle mass, fat burning, and overall HGH deficiency. Administering it is also simple making it a popular HGH product in many countries including Thailand. Apart from Genotropin, Nordiflex HGH is another noteworthy manufacturer that offers similar benefits to Genotropin. What you select is left to your preference.

A body builder with his bodybuilding supplement


Similar to Whey, Casein is another protein extracted from milk. Although popular among professionals, it is overshadowed by whey protein making it unknown to most beginners.

Casein is a rich source of protein. It is, however, relatively slow to digest, which is why many prefer whey over it. But despite this minor drawback, casein has several unique benefits too. Because of its slow digestion rates, casein is the perfect protein-rich snack before bedtime. It will increase muscle recovery, prevent catabolism, and also encourage fat burn. And it does all this while you sleep, given that you take it before bedtime. We’ve all heard the saying ~ Make the most out of your day and casein lets you do that.

Further, due to casein lasting longer in your body, it will supply a steady flow of amino acids that would help you get through the day. Certain studies even show that casein, though slow, yield greater muscle mass and provides more strength than other protein supplements. So, if you feel like your lacking protein intake, try incorporating casein into your diet. A few brands that produce good casein bodybuilding supplements in Thailand are Optimum Nutrition, Protein Pro, and Gold Standard.

Methenolone Enanthate

Methenolone Enanthate is an anabolic steroid that promotes muscle growth. Unlike other steroids that have terrible reputations, Methenolone Enanthate is quite safe and preferred by most bodybuilders. It has little to no side effects and does not convert to estrogen (aromatase) in the long run. Further, it only has an active cycle of just five days.

However, the side effect-less properties of the steroid come at the cost of potency. It is very mild compared to other products out there, so it might not be cut out for professionals. But if you’re an amateur or beginner wanting to speed up body sculpting or weightlifting, Methenolone Enanthate might just be the supplement for you. Out of all the products that include Methenolone Enanthate, Rimobolan Anabolizan by the world-renowned pharmaceutical company Bayer fits best for bodybuilders. It is very easy to use and legally available, even in Thailand.

You can learn more about the product here.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Finally, we have Branched Chain Amino Acids. Although it sounds fancy, it’s quite easy to understand what it is and why it is important for bodybuilding.

Our body requires twenty amino acids for proper functioning, and out of them, there are three that are essential for muscle growth and repair. These three important amino acids, namely Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are collectively called “Branched Chain Amino Acids”. All three work in synergy to improve muscle growth, enhance muscle recovery, and provide energy during workouts.

Sadly, our bodies do not produce BCCAs and the only way of acquiring them is through food (protein-rich food). But as athletes and bodybuilders, the amount of BCAAs received from food is rarely enough. So, it’s necessary to include BCAAs separately to maximize gains, and the best way to do it is through supplements. Nutabolics, Xtend, Optimum Nutrition, and Sascha Fitness produce some of the best BCAA bodybuilding supplements found in Thailand.

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