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Frequently Asked Questions

HGH is a growth hormone that is produced by the pituitary glands, and its production decreases as we age. As a result, most people who are around the age of 30 seek HGH therapy with the main aim of increasing their HGH levels in the body in order to remain young and vibrant.

Some of the benefits of HGH therapy include improved oxygen flow, metabolic stimulation to burn fat, promotion of hair, skin and nail health, reduced risks of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, increased bone density,  improved mental health, improved blood flow, improved focus and concentration, enhanced orgasms and endurance, improved erectile function in men and the list goes on.

Some of the signs of low HGH levels in the body is aging, lean muscle, joint pains, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, increased cardiovascular risk factors, decreased bone density, low energy levels, and erectile dysfunction in men to mention a few.

Yes. Men who suffer from diseases such as erectile dysfunction often have low levels of HGH in the body, which means that their level of testosterone is low as well. Remember, stimulates the production of testosterone in the body and helps to restore your libido

There are various ways you can boost the levels of HGH in the body, namely HGH injections, HGH releasing peptides, and even natural ways. Some of the natural ways include exercising, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, a healthy diet, and intermittent fasting. HGH injections, on the other hand, is whereby the growth hormones are directly administered into the body and gets absorbed into the bloodstream directly. Lastly, peptide injections stimulate the pituitary glands to produce the growth hormone naturally.

Yes,Human growth hormone is approved for adult growth hormone deficiency, while Pfizer Genotropin is FDA Approved for use in pediatric children who are HGH deficient. Norditropin are approved too.

  Yes, we are entitled to require you to provide a medical prescription. If you don’t have one, we provide FREE consultancy on prescribed dose and usage schedules to suit individual customers. Contact us.

We store our products in fridge (2-8 °C range), observing all necessary conditions.

Yes, we sell only genuine growth hormone (HGH) and peptides in Thailand.

There are two different ways to take Injectable human growth hormone (HGH). Either by intramuscular injection or sub-cutaneous injection, however the sub-cutaneous option (usually injected with an insulin syringe) is the most common way.

At night, right before you go to bed.

You can inject it sub-cutaneously (under the skin) in the stomach area or leg with a 29-30 gauge, 1/2 inch 1cc insulin syringe, or alternatively you can inject it intramuscularly. However, the results from using sub-cutaneous injections show to be more effective.

After about 2 months you will notice improvements in your sleep patterns, increased appetite and energy levels. The most significant results start showing after 4 – 6 months of treatment and continually improve and become more significant the longer you are taking HGH.

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We provide FREE consultancy on prescribed dose and usage schedules to suit individual customers. Contact us.

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