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HGH dosage

human growth hormone(hgh) dosage

It’s a well-known fact that HGH promotes good health and also helps treat certain medical conditions. It offers countless benefits for both the young and old. However, all this is true only if you consume the right amounts of HGH. Similar to other supplements/medication, overdosing on HGH leads to adverse side effects. Some are temporary, while others can last a lifetime. So, you must get your HGH dosage right. You can read more on HGH overdose here.

This article will focus on some common HGH doses for certain situations. But we suggest you contact your doctor before following them because HGH doses vary depending on the person. So, you might needlessly spend on HGH with no gains if you don’t figure out the right amount your body needs. You can also contact us for a free consultation with our certified specialists. Always keep in mind that the only way to see the best results is to nail down the right dose for you.


Before diving right into “Common HGH doses”, we first need to understand how HGH is measured. Most HGH products such as Genotropin come as liquid, which are measured in International Units or IUs for short. At times it’s stated in Milligrams (mg) as well. While most of us are familiar with milligrams, it can be confusing when a product is rated in IUs.

However, despite being puzzling, IUs give valuable information as they measure the activity level of hormones, vitamins, and enzymes. Keep in mind that the IU value changes depending on the drug in question. For example, 1IU of Vitamin D equals around 0.025mcg (micro-grams) while 1IU of natural Vitamin E equals 0.67mcg.

Okay, you might be already scratching your head having second thoughts on reading this article. But don’t worry, we won’t be probing into IUs anymore. All you have to keep in mind is that “IU” just like “mg” measures the content of a product and has specific values for different drugs. As our focus is on HGH, a conversion rate of 1mg=3IU / 0.33mg=1IU (not standard) is acceptable. We will use “mg” when listing out the common doses, as it is more familiar.

human growth hormone(hgh) in various dosage

Factors affecting HGH dosage

Now that you know the different units used to measure HGH, let us take a quick look at the factors that affect your HGH prescription.

HGH, as you probably know, is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in our brain. The hormone regulates various functions such as growth, blood pressure, and reproduction. However, HGH production declines with age, which leads to fat accumulation and various health problems. So, as seen, age is one factor that would affect your HGH dose. Most often than not, you will only require small amounts of HGH if you are below 20. But as you enter your mid to late 20s, you can expect a higher dose of HGH.

Apart from age, a person’s current physical status affects his or her HGH dose, especially their BMI (Body Mass Index). The bigger the person, the larger the dose is going to be. This is a reason doctors sometimes recommend HGH by bodyweight. For example, 0.1mg/kg.

Another important aspect that determines your HGH intake is the reason you’re taking the supplement. A person diagnosed with HGH deficiency will have bigger doses than a person looking to cut down some weight. Along with the right HGH dosage, you also need to know the frequency you need to take the supplement. This is something that most people fixated on HGH dosage overlook. So, make sure you write it down when talking to your medical consultant. Intake frequencies and cycles can span from just a couple of doses per week to one each day.Common doses of HGH

We are finally at the part you’ve been waiting for, the actual HGH dosage for different needs. But before we continue, we need to state that these amounts are not specific to individuals. They are common doses, and you will have to consult a certified expert to find out what’s right for you. Finding the right dose will bring in better results and also prevent side effects. Again, you can reach out to our in-house certified specialists for a free consultation. Further, most of these doses are based on “Pfizer Genotropin”.

Anti-aging Purposes

Most people intake HGH for its anti-aging properties. Well, to be honest, it’s not exactly anti-aging as that would mean that you stop growing old, which is not the case.

What it actually does is improve your overall physical condition. As your HGH production levels decrease, your body naturally takes more time to carry out certain tasks like repairs. Therefore, taking in small doses of HGH regularly will undoubtedly have your body running like clockwork. It also tightens and hydrates the skin, making you look younger, hence the popular label “anti-aging agent”. So simply put, taking small doses of HGH will boost overall functions keeping you fit and healthy.

The recommended dose for anti-aging purposes and general use is between 0.33mg and 1mg (1IU and  3IUs). Further, the dose improves libido and other sexual aspects as well.

Fat burn

Fat burning is another benefit of ingesting HGH. As our HGH levels decrease each passing year, our metabolism slows down as well. And as a result, more fat starts accumulating in our bodies. This is also a reason your efforts at the gym don’t pay off. Unless you keep stuffing yourself with junk food after routines, that is. So, if you see little to no results staying true to your weight loss plan, then it might not be your fault but the fault of your body not producing enough HGH. However, incorporating HGH into your schedule ought to solve this problem.

Usually, most individuals looking to lose weight or cut down fat takes between 0.99mg and 1.98mg (3IUs and 6IUs) of HGH. But then again, it depends on your BMI. If you are more on the heavier side, you might have to intake more than the amount recommended. As always, it’s best to consult a certified specialist before forming your own conclusion.

human growth hormone

Muscle growth

It’s no surprise that HGH helps in muscle growth. What the hormone does is stated in its name after all ~ Human “Growth” Hormone. This is the reason HGH is very popular in the bodybuilding scene.

Almost all professional bodybuilders, even other athletes have a dose of HGH incorporated in their workout routine along with other supplements. True, supplements like whey and casein do more in building muscle. But HGH creates the path for them to do their job efficiently by improving metabolism. Better metabolism equals more proteins absorbed, which means faster and greater gains. Further, as stated before it reduces fat which allows lean muscle growth.

The recommended HGH dosage for building muscle is between 1.32mg and 2.64mg (4IUs and 8IUs). But these amounts are for the average person and might not be sufficient for professional athletes.

Growth Hormone deficiency in Adults

Growth Hormone deficiency in adults or GHD for short is one of the most common medical conditions treated with HGH. There are two ways of treating the condition: Non-weight based treatment and weight-based treatment.

Non-weight-based treatment, as the name suggests, does not take your body weight into account. The starting dose recommended for this type of treatment ranges between 0.15mg and 0.3mg per day. You can gradually the dose by 0.1mg – 0.2mg every 2 to 3 months. However, you need to stop if you feel any side effects. Frankly, we do not suggest this approach as it does not take your body weight into account.

Weight-based HGH treatment, on the other hand, considers your weight leading to much more effective results. The recommended dose for weight-based HGH treatment is around 0.04mg/kg/week. The doses need to be adjusted to a patient’s requirements, but should not exceed 0.08mg/kg/week.

Note: The mentioned doses are strictly for adults and not children. 

If you are interested in learning more about HGH dosage, we suggest you read these articles Somatropin Dosage and Genotropin Dosage.

Although finding the required dosage for your needs is vital, you also need to make sure that you adjust the HGH intake over time. Most people stick to the starting dose for long periods, which leads to poor results. However, changing the dose and its frequency should be done with care because you might end up doing more harm than good. So, if you are not sure how it needs to be done, we highly suggest that you consult a specialist.


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