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HGH – What It Is & Why You Need It

May it be for achieving your dream physique or reaching your fitness goals, in taking supplements can help you gain the desired result much faster. While most health supplements help realize specific targets of one’s fitness journey, some lead to the overall betterment of a person’s lifestyle. And human growth hormone, a.k.a HGH, is such a supplement. This is the reason both athletes and your average Joes tend to intake HGH.

However, despite the many benefits HGH offers, most people still regard it as an insignificant health booster. Thus, HGH is overshadowed by other supplements such as protein powders and fitness pills. So, to clear any doubts the masses hold, we at “HGHThai” came up with this article that covers the intricacies of HGH consumption.

We will first dive into what HGH actually is and how it can benefit us. Later, we will tackle the side effects of the supplement and then move on to a few ways you can increase your HGH levels.

What Is HGH?

HGH, unlike most supplements in the market, is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. Just as its name suggests, the hormone spurs growth in children and adolescents. Further, it also helps regulate body composition, metabolism, heart functions, and both muscle and bone density.

You might now wonder why you would need an additional dose of HGH if the substance is naturally produced. Sadly, despite its many attributes, the rate of HGH production declines with age. Thus, all the perks it gives fade away as you grow older.

Ever wondered why people gain weight as they reach their mid-20s? Even when there’s no major change to their diets.

Well, the declining HGH content in their body is one contributing factor for this to happen. As the HGH levels decrease, your metabolism slows down, leading to fat accumulation. Hence, people gradually gain weight. This right here is just one situation that highlights the importance of HGH. It shows how effective the hormone is in regulating bodily functions. Thus, an intake of HGH will undoubtedly help enhance your way of life. Especially if you are pushing your 30s.

How HGH Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Now that you know what HGH is, let’s have a quick look at the benefits the supplements offers. While these perks might not be for everyone, we are sure that you might find one or two that you yearn for as well.

Accelerates Weight loss

As mentioned previously, HGH helps boost metabolism. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it helps shed weight. Further, the hormone stimulates lipolysis, which is the process of burning stored lipids that include fats and oils.

HGH also helps release Somatomedin C, which improves cell growth by using up glucose, which prevents it from turning into fats. This is the reason many fitness trainers recommend a healthy dose of HGH to those trying to cut down some mass.

Weight loss usually results from losing both muscle and fat. Ideally, however, it’s recommended that you cut down fat while keeping your muscle mass intact. This will give you a leaner look. So, including HGH, which aids both fat reduction and muscle gain in a weight-loss routine, is guaranteed to give the best results.

Improves the immune system

Research shows that apart from its basic functions, HGH can improve one’s immune system as well. Certain studies suggest the hormone helps to grow the thymus gland, which creates a type of immune cells called “T-cells”. T-cells help protect the body from infections and also fight cancer.

Further, the hormone also helps boost cardiovascular functions, which is crucial for a healthy body and a strong immunity system.

HGH - What It Is & Why You Need It 1

Builds muscle

A good muscle composition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But, with today’s diet, it can be quite hard to maintain muscle mass. An intake of HGH, however, can solve this issue.

HGH promotes growth. Therefore, naturally, it helps build and maintain muscle. Further, it aids muscle recovery as well, which is a crucial aspect when body sculpting. These perks are the reason most bodybuilders and athletes are drawn to this supplement.

Although HGH promotes muscle growth, it is most effective only when combined with a sufficient intake of protein. After all, proteins are the building block of fibers and tissues. Therefore, if you too are looking to gain muscle, we recommend you to consume HGH along with a protein supplement. This is what’s done by most professional athletes.

Anti-aging properties

Last but not least, some claim that HGH has anti-aging properties. While this might seem like an exaggeration, there’s still some truth to it. True, HGH is incapable of reversing your biological clock. However, it does give you a more youthful appearance.

The hormone does this by improving the condition of the skin. With time, the skin loses its elastic nature, which can lead to wrinkles. And the tissue responsible for maintaining the elastic nature of the skin is collagen. But because HGH promotes growth and recovery, these tissues can get back their elastic properties with adequate doses of the hormone. This will help you feel and look younger.

Many high-end celebrities and film directors, such as Sylvester Stallone and Oliver Stone, have already admitted to taking HGH.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There’s no such thing as a supplement with no side effects. But if you come across such an enhancer, we suggest you do your research on it before making any sort of investment. This is because the odds of it being a legit product are pretty low.

Nevertheless, HGH comes with a few side effects of its own. One of the most common side-effects experienced by HGH consumers is pain in the muscles and joints. Some may also experience swellings. There have been certain reports of consumers feeling numb and tingly as well.

Luckily, however, these side effects do not last. Considering the side effects mentioned, it is quite clear that the benefits of HGH far outweigh its risk. Therefore, it’s safe to say that HGH is probably the tamest supplement compared to most performance enhancers and steroids currently in the market.

However, HGH might not give you instant results like some other boosters. Depending on the user, it might take weeks or days (for the lucky few!) for the results to show. But if time is not of the essence, HGH is the best supplement that provides the most perks for the least risk.

If you are unsure about the effects an HGH intake would have on you, make sure to contact a medical professional. Or you can always score a free consultation with our health specialists at “HGHThai”.

HGH - What It Is & Why You Need It 3

Methods To Improve HGH Levels

There are many methods to boost the HGH content in your body. Most of these methods fall under one of the two following categories: ~ Natural methods or Supplements.

Natural methods spike HGH levels without the aid of external stimulants. This method is great for teens or those in their early 20s. The best natural means of increasing HGH is working out.

Workouts lead to the burning of excess fat, which can inhibit HGH production. So, make sure you get an adequate amount of daily exercise to stimulate HGH production. While a daily run can improve HGH levels, including some HIIT (High-intensity interval training) in your routine will net you the best results.

Along with workouts, it would serve you well to include HGH stimulating food in your diet. Fish, fava beans, raspberries, and protein-rich lean meat are a few known foods that are known to raise HGH production. Further, fasting can also help increase HGH levels. Studies show that a 3 day fast can boost HGH levels by over 300%!

Although these methods work great among the younger crowds, those past their mid-20s might struggle to see considerable results. Thus, they might have to depend on HGH supplements to improve their hormone levels. However, just like when buying any enhancer, you need to be cautious when selecting an HGH product. Picking the wrong product from the get-go can lead to adverse side effects in the long run.

As of now, most health professionals recommend products such as the “Pfizer Genotropin” and “Novo Nordisk Norditropin”. These are also the products that most athletes opt for. Although the brand of a supplement plays a huge role in how reliable a certain product is, it is wise to pay heed to the product distributors as well. A branded product bought from an unreliable source can not be trusted. Therefore, always go for recognized products distributed by trustworthy sources.

If you’ve stuck with us till the end, it must be quite obvious that HGH is a substance with many perks. So, if you too want to reap its benefits, you can contact us at “HGHthai”. We are a recognized distributor of HGH products in Thailand and would be thrilled to offer you our services.

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