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How can Human Growth Hormone help to influence height?

Growth Hormone – one necessary factor for human height

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Growth Hormone – one necessary factor for human height. Many people have certainly heard about height supplements or height boosting HGH before, but still being skeptical about it. HGH is one of the natural hormones that is secreted from the Pituitary gland. According to the study, they found that the average time for releasing this natural hormone is when we are in the deep sleep state, which is ranging from midnight till 1.30 am. (00.00 – 01.30) This article will help you into understanding more about the correlation between HGH and height. So that you can decide for yourself if you need HGH. However, you should also learn about how HGH work as well. 

What are the factors that contribute to height?

Nowadays there are many pieces of research conducted on the factor that contribute to height. We all know that having a decent height is necessary for early adults. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing for work, height will always be one of the important factors in accepting new colleagues. This is why parents are worried about their child’s height.

There are many factors that contribute to height. The study indicates that mostly it comes from Genetics – Children’s height will be derived from their parent’s genes around 60-80%. How tall their children are will significantly rely on their parents. And another 20-40% comes from other factors like Gender – Case in point, children’s gender is another factor that affects their own height since “Growth Spurt”, a period where children will grow quickly, will be different in males and females. Male starts around 9-10 years of age and will peak at 11-12 years. The average annual height is 3 inches. As you can see that male tends to have more growth rate than female. Now it is clear why the son is most likely going to be taller than a daughter.

Food and Nutrition – This is also important in terms of growth rate and height since this is the period that needs full nutrients for building bones, teeth, and many other parts of the body. If parents provide a balanced diet for their kids, they can now rest assured about malnutrition disease and stunt growth. Genetic-related conditions and other health problems – The last factor that I want to talk about is genetic-related conditions that directly affect growth and height, which are Turner Syndrome, Achondroplasia, and Endocrine Disorders that can alter growth hormones.

However, in the present with advanced technology and science, there are many options that we can use to cope with these problems. Height is also one thing that can be treated in many ways depends on severity.

Can HGH really boost height?

As I’ve said earlier that there are many methods to pick. Each one has its pros and cons. Parents should examine their kids by measuring their height every year before committing to any methods described below. So that you could analyze whether your kids have a normal growth rate. (Male: 4 inches/year Female; 3 inches/year)

There are many height-boosting methods that you can use. These ones will relate to directly taking height hormones or Growth Hormone. Let’s see what options we have!

1. Hormone injections Our height heavily depends on many hormones. The main one is “HGH” (Human Growth hormone). HGH process will lengthen the bones, resulting in more height. Patients who get treated with hormone injections need to be deficient in HGH, causing a growth restriction. Therefore, this type of patient needs to see medical specialists to get blood tests regularly since HGH appears on it. Other than blood tests, patients with growth restriction have to check up on cholesterol levels, sugar levels, and bone mass regularly as well.

When it comes to hormone injections, some might have heard the name of Pfizer Genotropin, which not only helps in height boosting, but also anti-aging.

How can Human Growth Hormone help to influence height? 1

2. Acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment for height boosting is one of the TCD ways to help kids and teens to be taller. This is done by inserting needles into the trigger point on the head, which helps in stimulating the Pituitary gland to release human growth hormone. The performance depends on patients’ age. According to the data, one should get treated by Acupuncture when they are 10-18 years old.

Nowadays there is more usage of Laser Acupuncture (LA). According to the research of LA treatments in boosting rats’ height, they found that LA treatments can significantly boost the body length of rats by directly affecting BMP-2, which plays a big role in the growth process. (Lee et al., 2013) 

3. Supplements. Taking supplements to boost height is another way that you can use. These supplements have some nutrients that are necessary for developing bone mass. Famous brands that you might have heard of include Colostrum, Niacin, and Amino Acids. However, you need to consult with physicians before taking one since the side effects may be different for everyone.

4. Limb Lengthening. This is one of the most common ways that Thai people take and can be done at all ages. The Result will depend on other factors like health and sleeping before HGH is released. But the age range that will see the best results is 11 – 15 years old. This is because there is a production of Epiphyseal plate or Growth plate in bone joints area. When regularly stretching is done regularly, this will help you grow faster and can immediately see the results. One small benefit is that this will also fix your posture.

These 4 methods are just a few ways that we’ve collected for you to read. All of these are directly related to HGH. And obviously, everything has its pros and cons. HGH is also not perfect. So, before choosing any methods above to boost height for your kids or yourself, please consult doctors first for your own safety.

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