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6 Ways to Boost Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone or HGH is a pituitary-produced hormone that plays crucial roles in growth, cell repair, and protein synthesis. The optimal release of HGH is significant for people of any age. In childhood, HGH is the most important hormone responsible for body growth and sexual development. Meanwhile, in adults, decreased HGH is associated with the increased risk of several diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. In addition, it also benefits for injury recovery, muscle and bone strength, and exercise performance. Diet and lifestyle changes are the best practices to boost HGH levels. And here are some possible ways we can do to boost our growth hormone.

Boost by Exercise More

Exercise (of all types) has a lot of effects on HGH levels. However, according to some researches, high-intensity exercise is the most effective exercise type to boost HGH. That’s because high-intensity exercise induces the production of lactic acid – one of the HGH releasing signals. Some examples of high-intensity exercise include sprints and crossfit.

Boost by Limiting Sugar Intake

An increase of insulin, as a result of sugar intake, can reduce HGH production. So, to promote HGH levels, you need to avoid excess sugar intake by limiting sweets and high sugar foods, as well as taking complex carbs instead of refined carbs.

Lose body fat

Abdominal fat is associated with obesity, increased risk of many diseases, and, also, lower levels of HGH. One study found that obese people had the lower release of HGH and IGF1 – an HGH-induced protein – compared to individuals with normal weight. Therefore, losing body fat is significant to improve your health and your HGH.

Boost by Taking Supplements

Certain food supplements that help you boost HGH include:

  • Arginine – an amino acid largely found in soybean 
  • GABA – a neurotransmitter that affects your sleep quality
  • Beta-alanine – an amino acid found in any protein sources and can improve exercise performance
  • Melatonin – a hormone plentifully found in berries that regulates blood pressure and affects sleep quality

Moreover, other protein-rich sources, such as fish and meat, can enhance the production of HGH as well.

Have enough sleep

HGH is released in pulses, with the majority during your deep sleep. When one has sleep deprivation, their HGH production consequently suffers. For the optimal release of HGH, thus, you should optimize your sleep aiming for at least 7 – 8 hours per night.

Take HGH replacement

In cases of very low levels of HGH, or growth hormone deficiency (GHD), HGH replacement is significantly needed to maintain normal functions of the body. The major treatment for GHD in both children and adults involves the direct injection of recombinant growth hormone (rHGH) under the skins. There is a variety of FDA-approved HGH products, such as GENOTROPIN (Pfizer).


GENOTROPIN is a prescription synthetic recombinant HGH product launched by Pfizer, which is generally used for the replacement of growth hormones in individuals with GHD, as well as other related diseases, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, Small for gestational age, and Idiopathic short stature. 

A portable and Thailand available option, GENOTROPIN 36 IU GoQuick Pen, is GENOTROPIN in the form of a disposable pre-filled pen that is very convenient to use. Also, it is a safe and effective way of boosting HGH in people of all ages. 

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