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How to increase height as an adult?

How to increase height

The most frequently asked questions from Asians like us comes down to this: “What should we do to get taller?”, “How to increase height after 18?” And today, we’ll explore the world of height boosting as adults.

“Can you boost your height after 18-20 years of age?” has been searched on the internet millions of times. And many specialists tried to answer those questions. It’s such a fun read to see them arguing by bringing up related research to support their own opinions. Medical News Today, a famous health website concluded that it is impossible to boost height as an adult. Since growth plates close when you’re about to be an adult (around 18 – 20 years of age.)

But hey!!! Don’t lose hope just yet. Even though we cannot increase our height from expanding Growth plates, there are many alternative ways that we can use. With medicine that has advanced exponentially, there is still a fair amount of possibility.

How to increase height?

In general, height-increasing treatment is done with patients who have height deficiency conditions like Achondroplasia, Turner syndrome, and Endocrine Disorders, etc. Usually, patients who get treated are in the age range of 10 – 18 years old, which is a period that the body is still growing especially in the growth plate areas that work together with HGH (Human Growth Hormone)  

HGH (Human Growth Hormone), produced by the Pituitary gland, will stimulate the production of IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor), IGF-I will then stimulate the cell division process of Cartilage, so that our bones expand out. You can find out more about how HGH works here.

These following treatments are directly related to Human Growth Hormone (basically, we are fixing the root cause):

1. Hormone

This is done by directly injecting hormones into our bodies. However, you should get treated under medical professionals only since there is the need to get the result from the blood tests. Other than that, you have to regularly check up on blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and bone mass. One famous brand that can be used to injects HGH is Pfizer Genotropin. Not only HGH helps in growth, but also returning youth to your life.

2. Physical Therapy for Height

Widely used since it can be done at all ages. Not only this helps in bone stretching, but also fixing posture as well. The most recommended age range is 11 -15 years since the growth plate has not closed yet.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment for height boosting is one of the TCD ways to help kids and teens to be taller. This is done by inserting needles into the trigger point on the head, which helps in stimulating the Pituitary gland to release human growth hormone. The performance depends on patients’ age. According to the data, one should get treated by Acupuncture when they are 10-18 years old. How to increase height

These 3 ways for height boosting are just a part of many methods. There are many alternative ways to take care of yourself, such as, eating a balanced diet according to the body’s needs, taking supplements in case you are unable to get enough nutrients from food. Also, getting enough sleep can help kids getting enough HGH as well. You can read more about How can HGH help in height boosting here.

Height Boosting in Adults

As we’ve said earlier that growth plate has a limited time to grow. After being adults (20 years), it’ll be permanently closed, resulting in no more height increasing. This is why there is little to no method to help adults grow. These 3 ways mentioned above can be used at all ages but you might see the best results in kids from 10 – 18 ปี years old.

One more way that is effective is to go through distraction osteogenesis procedures. This one is the last resort that physicians can suggest because it’s really expensive and you might have to go aboard just to get it done. Not to mention there are other factors to consider like recovery time and meticulous surgery.

Don’t lose hope just yet. Let’s see what we can do to help adults grow from 2 following methods:

Increase height

1. Fix posture

Fixing posture is something like Chiropractic treatment but way more affordable since you can do it yourself. Not only this will make you taller but also alleviate the headache, nape pain, and also back pain.

Here are some ways to fix your standing position:

– Pull your shoulders back (stand straight and straighten shoulders)

– Position your head to be aligned with your body.

– Give enough space between legs so that it aligns with shoulders.

– Put all your body weights to your toe.

How to fix sitting posture:

– Place both feet evenly on the floor.

– Organize a work chair to be aligned with your body.

– Try not to cross the legs.

– Put a small back supporting pillow behind your back so that you can sit comfortably.

Even though you might have heard these methods before, but it’s still best to organize your body. We all know that it’s not just the height that you’re getting out of this, but also your posture as well.

2. Core muscles strengthening

Strengthening core muscles not only make you look great, but also make you taller since your core body supports the spiral. If your core has no strength, the spiral can be pressurized and eventually broken down. These following methods will help you strengthening core muscles:

  • Plank: Plank is the exercise that are really good at strengthening core muscles.
  • Superman: This exercise can help improving back muscle flexibility and also fixing back posture as well. Just lay down on your front and stretch out your arms and legs a little bit above the ground.

  Muscle strength

  • Abdominal crunch: This exercise can be done by laying down on your front, knees, head, arms, and shoulders up. Try to flex in the abdominal area as much as possible. Not only you’ll get a strong core muscles but also six packs as an additional benefit.

Lastly, we want to tell someone who’s experiencing the height problem that it doesn’t matter which method you use to boost height, don’t forget to consult Orthopedist first to get the best results.


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