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How to lose weight in Thailand?

A woman is losing her weight and having a good diet

From lose weight fast programs to magical pills that burn fat while you sleep, there are so many options for those of us looking to shed a few pounds.

Sadly, most of these options are scams introduced into the market to prey on the unaware. They rake in all your money while selling a dream that the product will never realize. If you are looking to lose weight in Thailand and have been searching about it online, there’s no doubt that you’ve run into a couple of these already.

“Wait! Does that mean the random pop-up ad about a blue pill that would give me six packs in a week while eating a tub of ice cream each day is a lie???!!!”

Yes, it is. But if it wasn’t, we are pretty sure that a majority of the gyms would run out of business. So, are we doomed? Is there no hope for those of us wanting to lose weight? There is, but weight loss does not come easy. It comes with dedication and hard work.

Further, the idea of “wanting to lose weight” is the wrong way of looking at the matter. You need to be “willing” to lose weight and not “wanting” to lose weight. True, it’s a minor difference, but it’s a difference that matters. Because you will not lose weight overnight, just by wanting it and thinking about it. You will lose weight once you put the effort in. Good things require hard work.

So, to make things easier, we came up with a few pointers for those who are willing to put in the work to lose weight. While some of these topics are touched on by countless articles before this, we believe that there would still be some tips in this read to help you on your weight loss journey, especially if you are looking to lose weight in Thailand.

Good diet is the key to losing weight

The Diet

First up on our list of pointers is “the diet”. We as Asians love rice. It’s a fact that everyone knows and honestly, a meal without a bit of rice is not fulfilling. But this is also what keeps most of us from losing weight. You’ve probably heard the saying~ You are what you eat. So, it’s no surprise that we struggle to cut down a few kgs when we keep stuffing ourselves with rice (or noodles).

But don’t take this the wrong way, you need not remove rice from your diet. You need a healthy amount of carbs to function, so we suggest you reduce the amounts consumed. Keep in mind that cutting down carbs should be done in steps and not in one go.

The reason for doing it in steps is that it allows your body to adjust to the change in diet. Pretty sure most of you’ve experienced going on for days with a minimum carb intake only to drop back to your usual diet in a couple of weeks. This is because your body had no time to adjust to the changes, making it hard for you to continue. Sticking to a routine is key for weight loss, and we will discuss more on routines in the last section.

Apart from the Pad Thais and Khao Mok Gais, we need to next focus on the liquids we intake. Sodas are a big NO.

“But just one drink a week wouldn’t hurt, would it?”

Well, that’s where you are wrong. Fizzy drinks contain large amounts of sugar. Yes, even the ones that boast “low sugar” contents. So, although a couple of drinks might not seem like much, the sugars are going to get accumulated with time. Accumulation of fats and sugars is an enormous problem, especially in adults. This mostly happens due to the lack of certain hormones such as HGH (Human growth hormone). We also have a separate section on this later on.

So, for now, make sure you cut down on the rice, noodles, sodas, and sweets. No matter what you do, your diet is always going to be the core aspect when losing weight in Thailand, or any other country.


Once your diet’s in place, you can speed up your weight loss journey through proper exercise. You might have seen countless people working out but rarely losing weight (maybe it’s happened to you as well). This happens because of a simple concept.

For you to lose weight, your calorie intake needs to be less than the calories burnt. Don’t let anyone else say otherwise. As long as your body functions with a caloric deficit, you will lose weight and reduce fat. Keep the following in mind.

Calorie intake < Calorie burn (Weight loss)

Calorie intake = Calorie burn (Constant weight)

Calorie intake > Calorie burn (Weight gain).

Obviously, other factors affect the process, but these can serve you as good guidelines. Once your body has a caloric deficit, it will start burning stored fat for energy. So, it’s your job to not stuff yourself with dumplings after a good workout.

The right workout plan depends on the person, but we can all agree that cardio exercises are an essential part of it to lose weight. Cardio workouts come in many forms ~ running, swimming, cycling, jump rope, etc. What might work for some will not work for you. So, you need to decide on one that your daily routine allows you to do and stick to it.

Further, you need not go all out on your first try. We get it, it’s tempting and you can’t wait to lose a couple of pounds to fit into the sleek pair of pants you’ve been dreaming of. But remember, losing weight is a long-term goal and not something that’s going to happen in a couple of days (or even weeks).

When carrying out your workouts, diversify it a bit. Your body is going to adapt to what you are doing until it becomes second nature. Once this happens, you might see a drop in progress. The workout that once had you losing weight left and right has little to no effect. This is a signal for you to change your ways as your body has adapted to the workout regime, making it burn minimum amounts of calories.   


While a proper diet and workout routine is enough to see results on your weight loss journey, some of us see no reaction at all. Well, one reason might be overstuffing ourselves during cheat days, but it also can be due to the lack of HGH (Human Growth Hormones).

As we mature, our bodies naturally lessen the production of certain hormones. This slows down metabolism and also increases fat accumulation. So, if you are an adult who sees little to no results with your weight loss routine, consider taking small doses of HGH to speed up the process.

HGH will increase fat burn and boost overall weight loss. But again, it is only true if you follow a strict diet. If you are looking for HGH doses in Thailand, we suggest you check our online store “HGH Thai”. We’ve been the trusted source for HGH-related products for both individual and commercial use. Our products are directly imported from the manufacturers under strict guidelines to preserve quality. So you can expect every product of ours to be authentic and in outstanding condition.

However, despite all the HGH products available, we found out that the “Pfizer Genotropin” suits those looking to lose weight in Thailand the best. You can also score a free consultation with a certified expert here. But we have to warn you that HGH should be consumed in small doses when trying to lose weight. Unless you are trying to gain mass, but even then HGH needs to be consumed moderately. It’s not good to have too much of anything.

Consistency is really important to lose weight

Stick to a routine!!!

After taking care of any HGH deficiency you might have had, you will most definitely start seeing results in your weight loss journey. However, this victory will be short-lived if you don’t stick to your routine.

Your “controlled” diet, workout regime, and HGH cycles need to be a priority in your daily life. You should stick to it until everything becomes second nature. Simply put, you need the discipline and patience to follow your weight loss plan every single day. True, you might have cheat days here and there. We are human after all. But don’t let a single cheat day extend over a week. This is something most people do when losing weight. They start with one cheat day and gradually grow lazy. Eventually, they give up and fall back to their usual daily life. So, make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

One simple way of getting a plan to stick is by doing everything in small steps. Cutting down carbs, decreasing your sugar intake, increasing reps, and extending your workout period should all be done in small steps. Once you have all these angles (diet, exercise, HGH needs, and sticking to a plan) covered, you’ll be fitting into those beautiful tight pants in no time.

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