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How To Treat Gynecomastia?

How To Treat Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition where the male breast tissues swell, giving it the appearance of female breasts. It is also referred to as “Man boobs” or “Man breasts”. Although not harmful, many males dislike this condition as it affects their appearance. Most males also state that the problem leads to a drop in confidence levels.

However, if you are someone with gynecomastia, you needn’t worry because you are not alone. Studies show that many males are affected by the condition each year. And that the numbers might rise in the future as society strays away from an active lifestyle.

Luckily, there are a few ways to treat gynecomastia. Some are natural methods while others require medical intervention. We will cover both these types in this read on “How to treat gynecomastia”.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia results from hormone imbalances. More specifically, an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the male appearance and sexual development while estrogen handles the primary and secondary sexual traits found in females. Although defined by gender, you find both these hormones in males and females. The issue, however, arises when the testosterone levels drop relative to estrogen levels in males. This can happen because of several reasons, such as medication.

Medication like steroids, antibiotics, antidepressants, cancer treatment, and drugs related to heart conditions can cause gynecomastia. Studies also show that alcohol and street drugs can alter hormone levels as well.

These hormonal fluctuations are also caused naturally sometimes. Gynecomastia seen in infants and teens undergoing puberty is usually a result of these natural changes. They go away gradually without treatment. Age too is a factor related to gynecomastia. As we grow older, our body functions naturally slow down. Especially the production of certain hormones. So, needless to say, many adults experience man breasts with time. It’s however mostly prevalent among males 50 to 60 years of age.

Apart from medication and age, gynecomastia is also related to the fat content in your body. Excess fat is most likely the cause of man breasts in people who are overweight. Excess fat results from a caloric surplus. Simply put, you don’t burn what you eat. Insulin plays a huge role in fat accumulation. Insulin handles the metabolism of lipids, glucose, and proteins. And sometimes, your body does not respond well to insulin, leading to an increase in fat storage. The body’s inability to react to insulin, commonly known as “insulin resistance”, is the leading cause of Gynecomastia among the younger crowds.

A Few Ways To Treat Gynecomastia

Hope we didn’t bore you with this crash course in biology. And if you stuck with it till the end, you might have understood that Gynecomastia is a result of several reasons such as Hormonal imbalances, Medication, Age, and Excess fat. Figuring out the type of Gynecomastia you have will help narrow down the type of treatment you deserve. For example, no amount of exercise will net in any results if the cause of your gynecomastia is medication. Likewise, if the reason behind your man breasts is excess fat, a solid fat loss regime will bring about some favorable results.

Before diagnosing the whole situation by yourself, we suggest you let a pair of trained eyes look into the issue. This will help you understand the situation and also save time. Also, contact your health advisor before deciding on any extreme measures such as surgery.

Lose Fat

As most man breasts are a result of excess fat, let’s kick off this list with fat loss.

With society moving towards obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, gynecomastia is gradually becoming a common condition among men. And the best way to counteract this issue is by involving ourselves in a well-planned fat loss routine. We all know the golden rule of fat loss/weight loss ~ Create a caloric deficit. And for those of you who don’t, a caloric deficit is when you burn more calories than you intake.

Our plan needs to be based on this rule. While this might seem like a simple rule, it’s hard to implement it effectively. This is because you are prone to burn muscle along with fat. Especially if your plan is to starve, workout and repeat. Remember, fat causes man breasts, not muscle. The best type of exercise to lose fat is cardio.

Cardio exercises done properly will tap into your fat reserves to draw energy. Swimming, running, jump rope, and cycling are a few cardio exercises most people indulge in. Also, take note that there’s no such thing as “spot reduction. You can not target the places you want to lose fat. So you will need to reduce the overall body fat content to see any progress.

Plan your diet

Plan Your Diet

Along with a solid workout program, you would also need to control what you eat. Food packed with carbohydrates and fats is a big NO! You need to cut down on sweets as well. We highly suggest that you eat protein-rich food, especially lean meat. This will allow you to keep your muscle mass constant while you lose fat.

Further, you can increase the intake of food that boosts your insulin sensitivity such as eggs, beef, chicken, fish, and different nuts. They will help keep your insulin levels in check. If possible, try increasing your iodine intake. Iodine helps the thyroid produce hormones. And as hormone imbalances cause gynecomastia, the extra iodine will help control it.

Strength Training

Although spot reduction is a myth, target lifting is totally possible. A strength training routine focused on your chest will do wonders when trying to treat gynecomastia.

First, it will help tone the pectoral muscles, so that the “man breast” becomes less visible. Next, it will promote muscle growth, which will reduce the saggy look when done alongside fat loss. It is always wise to include strength training in any workout regardless of your goals.

A few exercises commonly done to target the chest area are the bench press, pushups, dumbbell flies, and crossovers. Each of these exercises targets a different part of the chest and when combined will give you a thorough chest workout. Although we suggest you start out with a few simple ones like regular push-ups.

While the chest is of primary concern, we also suggest that you train the other areas of the body as well. This will speed up fat loss and also result in a well-defined body shape.

HGH Intake

Sometimes a balanced diet and a good workout routine might not be enough to treat gynecomastia. Especially if you are past your prime years. As we mentioned earlier, most functions of our body slow down with age. Important functions like metabolism and hormone production. Metabolism is crucial for losing fat and we know how hormones affect gynecomastia.

One way of overcoming this issue is by taking HGH supplements. This is as close as we are going to get to reversing our biological clock. Unless we find the fountain of youth, of course. Out of all the HGH products in the market, we found that “Pfizer Genotropin” is the most effective for fat loss. Further, it’s a branded product that’s medically approved. So you need not worry about its quality. In case you need some advice regarding the matter, we at “HGHThai” offer free consultation with our in-house specialists.

Treat Gynecomastia with liposuction or Mastectomy in severe case.


While the methods mentioned so far are most likely to bring in results, you might have to turn to medical procedures to treat severe cases of gynecomastia. If the man breasts are a result of excess fat, liposuction might be the best option for treatment. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat from different parts of the body. In our case, the chest area.

The procedure is typically done by sedating the person with general anesthesia. It also only requires two small incisions on either side of the chest to remove fat. So, you needn’t worry too much about scars.


For even more severe cases, a person might be required to do a Mastectomy, which involves removing glandular tissues and skin. Take note that this is only needed for extreme cases. And that a combination of natural methods and liposuction is more than enough to treat most gynecomastia cases. The procedure also involves a few incisions, which can leave notable scars.

Just like liposuction, the surgery is done by administering anesthesia and has a similar recovery process. As stated before, we recommend you seek advice from a certified doctor before deciding on any of these medical procedures.

What we’ve listed in this article are just a few ways of treating Gynecomastia, which has been proven to work. However, there might be many more options out there. Especially with the advancement of science and technology. Regardless, we highly suggest that you stick to the natural methods as much as possible. And only go for the medical procedures if you feel like the condition keeps you from enjoying life.

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