Pfizer Genotropin GoQuick Pen (36iu) (Special price for 1 set)

Growth Hormone or ‘HGH’ is a growth hormone that is produced while we are sleeping. After the age of 20, HGH or Growth Hormone will be decreasingly produced. This is a main cause of diseases and senility.

  • HGH can maintain longevity and make you more youthful and radiant forever.
  • HGH can help your skin beautiful and healthy.
  • HGH can increase height.
  • HGH can multiply sexual function.
  • HGH can increase muscle mass (popular in bodybuilders).
  • HGH can burn fat more productively.
  • HGH can control the stability of sugar level effectively.


5 Pieces US $400       Total US $2,000



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