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Pregnyl (HCG) ® 5000 I.U

Pregnyl ® 5000 I.U.powder for solution for injection.



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Price :

1 package for               2,500  baht

4 packages for             9,200  baht         (2,300 thb/pcs.)  save 800 baht

8 packages for          16,800  baht         (2,100 thb/pcs.)   save 3,200 baht

12 packages for        24,000  baht         (2,000 thb/pcs.)   save 6,000 baht

Description :

natural testosterone recovery

Hcg mimics LH(leutenizing hormone). The presence of LH causes the Leydig cells in the gonads to produce testosterone. This effect also restores the size of the testes rather quickly if they were suppressed from a cycle.

Hcg is commonly used by bodybuilders on either very heavy or very long cycles, when the hpta (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis) gets severely suppressed. Although hcg can be used in almost any cycle, boost your natural testosterone.

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1 package, 4 packages, 8 packages, 12 packages


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