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Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia – Hair loss through HGH

Are you tired of losing your hair at such a young age? If the answer is “yes” you must know you are not alone. Me and thousands of others suffer from a same problem.

Worry not friend, I have got a solution for you.

Hair are valuable blessing for men and women both. They make us look younger and makes us feel confident. A bald head scratches life out of a person. People mock them and they are ridiculed everywhere they go. Specially for young guys, it’s like putting them in isolation and deprive them of life. One falls into depression when he realizes that the personality he once had is just about to disappear for eternity. I have been at the same place until following facts have been disclosed upon me.

PRP Therapy:

PRP stands for Platelet rich Plasma. It has been known to be the best treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia. PRP is autologous preparation of plasma that contains high number of platelets and their associated growth factors e.g IGF 1 hormone (Insulinlike growth factor ). The plasma is injected in the scalp and that thickens the week follicles.


Although PRP helps make the hair stronger but the root cause of hair damage and hair loss is still to be discussed. Following is the reason why this curse of hair fall took you and not any of your friend or brother or sister.

Deficiency of Human Growth Hormone [HGH]

Human Growth Hormone [ HGH ] is naturally produced in body from pituitary gland. It helps in cell growth and cell regeneration along with many other functions in human body. It has been scientifically proved that human growth hormone reduces in human body with the age. This cause aging and all skin related problems along with thinning and damage of hairs.

PRP therapy alone cannot help in lasting treatment of hair loss in people who lack human growth hormone. HGH is necessary for thickening the roots, here is why:

Production of IGF-1:

IGF-1 is generated by liver. Its’ production is stimulated when human growth hormone [HGH] binds with its’ hepatic receptor. IGF-1 promotes hair follicle growth by a process of cellular proliferation.

Supporting the statement, there has been a re-search made where samples of IGF1 with its’ protein by dermal papilla (DP) cells has been obtained from balding and non-balding scalp. Hair follicles from both samples were quantified and it was found that follicle cells from balding scalp were secreting less IGF-1 as compared to non-balding scalp cells.


Therefore, Lack of IGF-1 results in balding that can be cured through its active stimulation with the help of synthetic HGH. Moreover, People who lack HGH are more susceptible to aging and skin related problems. HGH deprivation also cause obesity problems and weakening of bones and tissues.

To put it out simply for you. I would suggest if you are suffering from hair loss problem. You must confirm if you are deprived of HGH. If yes, consult your physician and take synthetic HGH along with PRP therapy for best results.

Live Happy, Live Confident


~Ali Murad (Expert Vetted – Content Writer)

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