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When is Human Growth Hormones be Released?

Human Growth Hormones will occur after you’ve fallen asleep for 1 hour at the midnight till half-past

To put it simply, Human Growth Hormones is something like a fertilizer that can be nutrition to the dirt trees and all the plants to make them grow. Yes, hormones are the magic factor that helps cells, organs, the body, as well as all those parts of the brain. With all these benefits, do you know what went into the production and secretion of hormones? Let’s find out in this article.

HGH, when does it release?

According to the typical, average sleep cycle, Human Growth Hormones will occur after you’ve fallen asleep for 1 hour at the midnight till half-past one a.m. (00:00 – 01.30), which is the usual time that you’ll get into the deep sleep state. However, scientifically speaking, hormone secretion has a direct correlation with gender, age, sleep habits, diets, and many other factors. Therefore, HGH secretion can only be defined in intervals only since it is released at a different rate at a different time of day.

How does HGH work?

According to the Human growth hormones secretion process, all organs play a big role and are connected. Negligence on bad habits might significantly affect the release rate of HGH. The production of HGH will be released to the liver and converted to an insulin-like substance called Somatomedin. This substance helps in building tissues and developing cells, resulting in better body recovery and skin rejuvenating. The most important thing is the strength that you’ll achieve from HGH secretion.

HGH Secretion Process

Typically, human growth hormones are regulated by the central nervous system Hypothalamus through “Releasing Hormone (GHRH)” which is responsible for stimulating the anterior pituitary gland to release HGH.

According to the studies, they have found that lower blood sugar levels, increasing in amino acids, and lower fatty acids stimulate your body for more HGH secretion. However, if you’ve slept for a long period of time, taking care of your health, exercise regularly, and eating a balanced diet especially protein-enriched food, then the HGH will be released more as well.

Other than that, Ghrelin, a peptide hormone produced by the stomach, will stimulate Human Growth Hormone secretion. The process starts with the receptors in the anterior pituitary gland (GHS-R) that sticks with the food. And after that HGH will be released.

What Suppress HGH Secretion?

Now you might understand a little bit more about HGH secretion. One thing that, eventually, Human Growth Hormone will stop releasing after a while to create a balance. If there’s too much HGH that is being secreted, the effects might not be as good as you think. And in this section, we’ll learn about what suppresses HGH secretion together.

HGH suppression occurs when it has reached the optimal level of hormones. Then, tissues and Hypothalamus generates somatostatin. (SS) This peptide hormone has the responsibility of suppressing HGH in the anterior pituitary gland area.

HGH deficiency can caused health problemespecially heart conditions, heart disease

What Will Happen If There Are Only Little HGH to be Released?

The deficiency of HGH can be categorized into many types. If this occurs in the period of an infant or a child, you might not see as much growth in them, resulting in fewer developments in several areas. This is a long-term problem that should be treated by physicians. This is why synthetic growth hormone comes into play.

On the other hand, if this occurs in adults, they’ll experience deteriorating health problems. Fats in the main factor for many medical concerns, especially heart conditions, heart disease, weak muscles, and bones. According to the data, we found that 30-50% of adults with HGH deficiency get tired easily and that affected their day-to-day lives. 

Benefits of HGH Secretion

There are many benefits found when a sufficient level of HGH is being released. This is like the main part that positively affects all other organs in the body. You might have heard “Pfizer Genotropin”, an HGH product that can slow the aging process give back youthful life to the user again. The following points are benefits found from taking HGH:

1. Muscle strengthening and performance-boosting. HGH is contributed to building and strengthing cell growth.

2. Bones strengthening by preventing Osteoporosis and increasing bone mass.

3.Pumping more blood flow. More pumping rate for heart means longer exercise session. And also alleviate the symptoms of heart disease.

4. Fat loss and weight loss while increasing the bone mass.

5. Faster wound healing time. Growth hormone contributes to the synthesis process of collagen. Making the would heal faster.

6. Alleviate and treat Depression since released HGH will reduce stress levels, improve learning ability for better focus.

7. Youthful skin.

Bad effects on Too Much HGH Secretion

Did you know that too much HGH secretion can be a bad thing? Having too much HGH will result in swelling hands, swelling feet, and a change in your face. These symptoms come with one condition called Acromegaly. Other than the symptoms mentioned above, there are enlarged organs and serious symptoms like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

However, this incident is considered a rare case. But now studies are conducting in kids and found that there is a positive correlation between increased HGH and overgrowth of bones, resulting in Gigantism. 

How to Measure HGH Secretion

In the present, there are many methods that can be used to treat different symptoms. But the one that is widely used is drinking sugar-enriched drinks.

The research is conducted on participants who have too much HGH. The researcher let them drink sugar drinks and measure HGH levels after a few hours have passed. The reason why researchers do this is that sugars are considered substances that reduce the production rate of HGH.

How Can We Regulate HGH secretion to be at an Optimal Level?

I know that this question is in everyone’s mind. It’s because things should be solved at a root cause. These are the ways that are effective for HGH secretion:

  • Reduce fats in your body.
  • Reduce sugar consumption.
  • Don’t eat food or snacks before bed.
  • Long-term workout plans, such as cardio or weight training.
  • Short interval fasting. This will help remove fats and keep insulin levels low all day long.
  • Sleep on time and get enough sleep. As we all know that HGH will be automatically released around midnight after you’ve fallen in a deep sleep state for 1 hour. So it’s necessary to sleep on time.
  • Eat more food that has Arginine. You don’t have to exercise anymore since Arginine has already done the work in significantly increasing this hormone for you.
  • Take supplements that help in recovering like HGH. For example, Colostrum.


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