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How to Find the Right Growth Hormone Brand?

Are They All the Same?​

There are currently 3 types of growth hormones available in the Thai market:

  1. Chinese brands, or as allegedly claimed or labelled by some distributors as pharma-grade growth hormones and other so-called names.
  2. Thai brands, most of which import their products from China. The most common Thai branded growth hormones are those found in OEM bottles with a wide range of cap colors and customized logos.
  3. European brands, such as Genotropin, a globally recognized brand, and other brands with similar standards. Obviously, these are genuine pharma-grade growth hormones.

Chinese HGH

Chinese brands are products manufactured in China. The most common problem found from conducting random laboratory tests on Chinese brands is that the majority of them are counterfeit products that imitate the genuine growth hormones manufactured in China. Although there are some good genuine products manufactured in China, many of them are of poor quality due to the fact that the majority of Chinese manufacturers are not attentive to quality.

Some batches may have satisfactory standards while other batches from the same factory may have poor standards. Hence, consumers will have to put themselves on the line when purchasing products from Chinese brands. Regardless, the selling point of Chinese brands is the price. Some growth hormone users are inclined to try these products due to their relatively low prices.

However, once these users realize that Chinese brands are of low quality and do not deliver concrete results, they will eventually switch to European brands; they perceive that it is not worth the risk to purchase cheap products, according to the old saying: “penny wise, pound foolish”. In addition, there are some side effects from using counterfeit products. Despite the fact that price may not always be the indicator of quality, it is perceived to be true amongst consumers who use high quality and trusted products.

Likewise, the price, appearance, and country of origin of each product are fundamentally the indicators of product quality. As a physician, the author does not intend to suggest or imply which growth hormone brand is the best; the author merely recommends that all consumers should thoroughly study health information and acquire good understanding of each product, as well as studying all possible side effects from using poor quality or counterfeit growth hormones. With that respect, it is the consumer’s own discretion to decide whether or not to take the risk of purchasing cheap products.

Thai Brands

Thai brands are OEM products that have been imported from China and are sold under a Thai brand, whereby the brand name will depend on the preference of the brand owner. Alternatively, some distributors will copy the brand names of products that are popular at that moment.

One major concern is that the majority of these products are not growth hormones. Many Thai brand owners are deceived by Chinese merchants into believing that the products are genuine growth hormones, and these products are subsequently exported to Thailand as widely seen in the market. A bigger problem is that we do not know what exactly is in the bottle; we can only hope that there will not be any harmful or life-threatening effects from using these products.

Undoubtedly, consumers have no idea as to what the real growth hormone look like. Indeed, these products are easy to imitate concerning the fact that the bottle and bottle cap can be purchased from anywhere and the handheld capping machine is not that expensive. Once the manufacturing process is complete, these products will look similar to those imported from abroad. In other words, these fraudulent manufacturers invested only a trivial amount of money while making huge profits from deceiving consumers.

When people begin to realize where the product was manufactured, these manufacturers will simply shut down their factories. After a while, they will resume their production with a completely new brand name. Accordingly, growth hormones from companies that have been approved by globally renowned research institutes with the quality equivalent to that of European brands seem to be the ideal option that is safer for consumers.

European Genotropin

European brands, such as Genotropin. These brands are unquestionably genuine and of high quality, since every unit must be tested by a global leading research institute and their origin essentially implies high quality. Moreover, these European brands are internationally accepted and widely recognized in search engines, such as Google.

Although their prices are considerably higher than those of Chinese and Thai brands, it is considered reasonable on account of the fact that these leading manufacturers employ a team of skilled scientists, chemists, physicians, and pharmacists to conduct researches and develop their products on a continual basis. For instance, Pfizer employed a team of experienced chemists to conduct multiple researches for over ten years just to develop one single growth hormone.

The manufacture of growth hormones is not that easy. There is a story behind it. It is not simply selling low quality products at a high price. Fundamentally, all products manufactured in Europe have a high intrinsic value.

Likewise, they are often placed on a high standard to ensure efficiency and safety. As a result, these products are trusted amongst famous individuals across the globe, including the health industry in our country which perceives that European growth hormones are Grade A products and deliver effective results, despite their relatively high prices.

pfizer genotropin goquick 36iu

Pfizer's Genotropin

Up to this point, it is worth learning more about the benefits of Pfizer’s Genotropin Pen. This does not imply that growth hormone injections in the form of bottles like those of Chinese or Thai brands are ineffective but there may be some drawbacks, such as risk of infection. The major concern with this type of growth hormones is that it is difficult to determine which brands are reliable since it is easy to imitate; anyone can make the product label and the bottle and capping machine can be purchased from anywhere. It is considerably easy to counterfeit this type of growth hormones.

On the contrary, Pfizer’s Genotropin Pen is difficult to be counterfeited due to the special mechanisms in the manufacturing process that cannot be replicated. Indeed, growth hormones in the form of pen are very easy to use – simply mix the medication in the pen and set the prescribed dose for injection. This type of growth hormones has a very low risk of infection and is of high quality with internationally accepted standards.

Speaking of Pfizer, we can certainly find this brand in any large drug store. Hence, I would like to point out the credibility of Pfizer. The company itself has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Is this reliable enough? If the answer is no, you can try to identify what is considered credible to you.

Believe it or not, I can easily sell Chinese and Thai-branded growth hormones concerning the fact that I am in the Genotropin industry. However, I choose not to do so. I am not conducting myself as a noble person or anything like that. I merely want to offer good and high-quality products for ordinary consumers, both Thai and foreign nationals. If there are any good products worth recommending in the future, I will certainly recommend them to you. In fact, the products I sell like

Genotropin are not that expensive. The more you purchase, the more discount you receive. It is actually only ten thousand Baht per tube, which is not much more expensive than the Chinese brands. Genotropin will definitely give you assurance. You will not have to worry about whether the product is counterfeit or not. It is similar to when we purchase top designer clothes, bags, and shoes, which are a little more expensive than regular brands, but they give us the satisfaction. Since growth hormones are something that we inject into our body, it is crucial to put a lot of effort into selecting and purchasing this type of product.

Certainly, it is not wise to purchase a particular growth hormone just because it is cheap, while having to take the risk of harmful side effects. Wouldn’t it be better to purchase high-quality growth hormones from a reliable brand like Pfizer? I need to make this comparison because I want to point out the fact that, even with physical products, we sometimes spend a lot of time selecting them and are willing to pay higher prices for them. I believe that all of you will meticulously select the right HGH or growth hormone for yourself.

Finally, I would like to leave a short reminder for all of you: "Counterfeit bags or shoes can still be worn and utilized, but counterfeit medications cannot be used and can even be life-threatening.”

Remark: This article does not intend to offend any sellers, brands, or types of growth hormones. It merely aims to present factual information to support the decision of consumers. If anyone perceives this article as being commercially offensive, please cast aside that thought. We can still collaborate as business partners and make this society a better place to live.

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