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How HGH Can Improve Sleep Quality

If you’re suffering from poor sleep at night, one of the reasons may be growth hormone deficiency. Human growth hormone (also known as HGH, growth hormone, or GH) is a substance that’s naturally produced by the human body. It helps support muscle and bone growth, regulate body fluids, aid with heart function, and opposes cortisol which is the body’s primary stress hormone.


HGH is important because if you have high levels of cortisol, your body is on “high alert”, meaning you’ll find it difficult to rest and relax. Cortisol also inhibits the secretion of growth hormone, thus robbing you of the potential benefits of HGH. Understanding how HGH can improve sleep quality can go a long way towards getting better rest at night. Here’s what you need to know about human growth hormone and sleep. You can buy Human Growth Hormone from us here at HGH Thai.


The importance of sleep


Your body undergoes several important functions when you sleep at night. First, your brain uses this opportunity to process new information you’ve experienced during the day. Hormones like testosterone and HGH use their receptor cells to receive the signals and process the information. We mention testosterone because it’s another important hormone and its production is influenced by HGH as well.


If you’ve ever noticed that you weigh less when you wake up in the morning, it’s because HGH promotes metabolic activity. You’ve probably read a few articles regarding lack of sleep and increased weight gain and this is due to your body secreting lower levels of HGH.


Human growth hormone helps stimulate cell production to maintain the integrity of your bones and repair your muscles while you sleep. Collagen and elastin production also occurs to keep your skin’s tightness and elasticity.


How HGH affects sleep quality


Like we’ve previously mentioned, human growth hormone reduces cortisol levels in your body, thus helping you shift into relaxation mode much easier. Without sufficient HGH, you’ll find it difficult to get a good shut-eye and without enough sleep, your HGH levels will go down. These two go hand-in-hand together and if you have adequate amounts of sleep and HGH, your sleep quality will drastically improve.


To maximise the benefits of HGH for sleeping, you may want to follow a few simple steps to improve both your sleep and your HGH production.

  • Keep your bedroom cold and dark as this helps promote better sleep.

  • Go to sleep by at least 10 p.m. to allow the body’s natural circadian rhythm to take place

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep. If you can, 8 hours is much better

  • Turn off your electronic devices one hour before going to bed

Can HGH help with sleep disorders


People who experience insomnia, sleep apnea and just lack of sleep may find that increased human growth hormone can help with their sleep troubles. When you boost human your HGH levels, your blood pressure and heart rate are regulated. Your body won’t have to fight off as much stress due to the reduced cortisol levels. This allows for better sleep quality at night and lets you wake up feeling refreshed the next day.


Increased HGH in the body not only helps with sleep but it also helps with overeating. When your HGH levels are low, your metabolism starts to slow down. Again, this correlates to cortisol which spikes ghrelin production (a hunger hormone) and causes you to overeat. Instead of providing you with usable energy throughout the day, you end up storing that energy as fat. As you gain more weight, you burn through your energy stores much quicker, thus making you feel exhausted.


Undergoing HGH treatment for growth hormone deficiencies


You may have heard of athletes using growth hormone to gain a competitive advantage. While synthetic HGH is indeed illegal for athletes, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have legitimate medical uses. HGH treatment is often used to address growth hormone deficiencies in both children and adults. For example, children with slowed growth can benefit from HGH treatment to ensure their bones and muscles develop according to their age.


Adults can also suffer from HGH deficiency. In most instances, this issue stems from experiencing growth hormone deficiencies in childhood. Weak bones, constant fatigue, reduced muscle mass, and sleep disturbances are just some of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in adults. An HGH treatment may be recommended to alleviate these symptoms as per recommended by a physician.


There are a couple of ways you can boost your growth hormone naturally and this can be achieved by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, avoid smoking, and getting quality sleep at night. Given the importance of HGH in our body, it should be in our best interest to maintain high levels of growth hormone for optimal bodily functions.


So if you’re struggling to get a good shut-eye at night, you may want to look into human growth hormone and how it can improve your sleep quality. We do recommend consulting your doctor or a qualified physician before undergoing any form of HGH treatment to receive professional medical advice. If you don’t have a doctor or a prescription we may still be able to help. Contact us today to find out more.

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